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  • Nightingale Class News @FP

    Thu 18 Apr 2024

    In Nightingale class @FP, we have had a fantastic week back. We have started weekly cooking sessions and began with making pizzas! We rolled the dough into the shapes we wanted and selected our favourite sauces and toppings. We then ate them at school. They were delicious!

    We have been working on our listening and attention skills every day. We are very good at differentiating between different sounds. We have played lots of games this week to support us with these skills such as ‘Whats in the box?’, ‘Kim’s Game’ and ‘Guess the instrument’.

    We have been learning to count in 2’s this week. We ordered numbers from our 2x table and counted objects in pairs.

    We love spending time in our outdoor space and have been planting and watering our plants this week. We have lavender, strawberries and lots of new shrubs that we are looking after.

  • Newsletter 28 03 2024

    Thu 28 Mar 2024

    Catch up with all the latest news from Forster Park in our two weekly newsletter here:


  • YR6 Hawk Class News @FP

    Thu 28 Mar 2024

    This half term the children in Year 6 Hawk @FP, were lucky enough to be visited and talked to by Ben’s mum who brought in memorabilia and personal items from her family members who fought in both World War One and Two. It was fascinating to touch original ration books, coins, a Bible, letters etc that were from that period in history rather than just reading or viewing images. The children were very respectful and moved by the objects handled.

    We have enjoyed many Easter activities including the Y5/6 end of term disco – not much action from our Year 6s as they preferred sitting and being cool to dancing. Everyone had a great time though and the music was fantastic. Thanks to all the staff who stayed behind to help.

    SATS are nearly upon us and the children have been working hard revisiting and learning arithmetic, reading and grammar skills. They are taking home work that will keep them in the ‘study’ mode, please ensure your child completes work most days as it will pay dividends for when we return. There are many websites for children to visit to support their learning plus they have log-ins for programs.

    Have a lovely Easter from Hawk class.

  • YR3/4 Starling Class News @FP

    Wed 27 Mar 2024

    What an end to a successful term! We have now finished our learning on the Shang Dynasty, natural disasters, peace in Christianity, electricity, seasons in Spanish, shading and contrasting watercolours in Art and creating products in DT. Wow. 

    This week, we took part in a cricket festival with everyone in our phase. Starling A won the tournament! Well done us!

    Last week, our class were busy planting trees at Forster Memorial Park. We planted a total of 142 trees of different species. Go down there one day and check it out. 

    Today, we are sending off our persuasive letters to people within our community that might be able to help us with art and sports equipment, books or plants and flowers. Let’s see if we get letters back in Summer term.

    Have a wonderful Easter break!

  • YR5 Macaw Class News @FP

    Mon 25 Mar 2024

    As part of our History topic, Year 5 have been learning all about the Mysterious Mayan’s! We had a look at Mayan weaving in DT as we explored different patterns and materials. We learnt that for Mayan people, weaving represents a tie to the past and to their ancient traditions. Mayan women used traditional methods such cotton, wool and silk as well as using natural dyes. The children had a go at designing their own pattern and then creating it using the ‘cardboard circle weaving’ technique. They worked incredibly hard and understood the hard labour this ancient civilization had to take part in, in order to earn a living.

    Here are some wonderful examples of the children’s work.

  • YR1 Hummingbird Class News @FP

    Fri 22 Mar 2024

    The children, in Hummingbird class @FP, have been exploring science this week and have completed an experiment with paper flowers, learnt about fire during fabulous flames, had a fire brigade visit and planted during our go green day.

  • Oakbridge Nursery News

    Wed 20 Mar 2024

    At Oakbridge Nursery – we went ‘quackery’ for ducks. 

    We’ve been learning about life cycles, so what better way to learn than to see it happen in our classroom. 

    On Monday morning we had a visitor who delivered us some eggs. On Tuesday we had one duckling, on Wednesday we had two ducklings, on Thursday we had three ducklings… our last duckling was a little tired so didn’t hatch until the weekend. All the children took it in turns to hold the ducklings every day, we made sure that they had water and food, the ducklings even went swimming in our water tray.

    The children have had the best experience looking after our ducklings, they have now gone back to the farm to find their mummy & daddy ducks. 

  • YR4 Chaffinch Class News @FP

    Wed 20 Mar 2024

    In Year 4, Chaffinch class @FP, the children took part in a science work shop this week. The scientist came into school and showed the children some interesting experiements. She talked to them about atoms, electrons and neutrons! They also got to make their own slime.

    Did you know:

    Everything in the universe is made up of atoms. They are the basic building blocks of all types of matter in the universe.

    Atoms are incredibly small, measuring one-tenth of a billionth of a metre across. They are so small that you can’t see them even under a powerful microscope. Because they are so small, it takes trillions of atoms to make up anything, for example, there are 7 billion billion billion atoms in your body.

  • YR2 Flamingo and Swan Class News @FP

    Fri 15 Mar 2024

    Swan and Flamingo @FP have been learning about L.S Lowry and have been exploring line and shape to recreate some of his artwork.

    We have also been writing our own picture books. We were inspired by ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey and we wrote a story about a toy going on an exciting adventure around the house.

    Our stories are in our classroom libraries for us to read together. (Writing By Brensi and Elyon)

  • YR1 Dove Class News @FP

    Fri 15 Mar 2024

    This week in Dove class @FP we have been learning about an artist called Ramona Pintea. She creates amazing colourful art and uses crowns a lot in her work. We are Kings and Queens so made our own versions. 

    In our maths lessons we have been learning to count in 10s. We have been using dienes to partition numbers. Ask us how many tens and ones in numbers to 50 and we will be able to answer you! Also help us to practise our ten times table at home. 

    In English we have been reading the book ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ by Nicholas Allan. We have been busy making missing posters and thank you cards.