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YR1 Hummingbird Class News @FP

Hummingbird class @FP had an enjoyable time re-enacting the story, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr.

As part of their writing, they wrote sentences about parts of the story. Most of the children remembered to include capital letters and full stops. Well done children!

Hummingbird class were looking forward to attending their very own tea-party, but sadly, Mr Bond informed them that the ‘tiger’ had ruined it. Mysteriously, someone provided some yummy treats, so the children were able to have their tea-party after all. Who could that person be?

The children have been using their developing knowledge about ‘parts and wholes’ by putting ‘Fraction Girl’ back together again. They are also getting better at explaining what a ‘whole’ is, and how to make ‘parts’ using a range of objects.

Keep up the good work Hummingbird Class!