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REC Puffin Class News @FP

As part of our Jungle Fever topic, the children in Puffin class @FP have been thinking about protecting animals and our environment this week. Inspired by the wonderful story of ‘Greta & the Giants’ we have talked a lot about animals and how we can all do our bit to keep their homes and our environment safe. The children have been busy making posters to remind our local community to help protect our trees.
“The animals need homes and shelter. If we cut all the trees they will have no place to sleep, and some animals will have to food!” – Rhianna
“If we keep cutting trees we wont have clean oxygen to breathe!” Dexter
“We need to think about the microorganisms that live in microhabitats too!” Rachel
The children welcomed Councillor Jacq Paschoud to our school who gave us some useful tips to help protect our planet and directed us to a charity could plant some more trees in our school!