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Hummingbird class news @FP

In Year 1 Hummingbird class @FP, we have settled into our classroom and routines well. We have started daily supported reading and this takes place every morning between 9 and 9.30 am. In daily supported reading the children are grouped according to their reading ability and share a book with an adult.

We need to start reading on time so it is important that we complete our early morning work and register promptly before 9am. We ask parents to be on time and say goodbye to their children at the door. Children are now being encouraged to be independent and organise their own resources now they are in Year 1.

We have been looking at different stories and talking about what stories are like. We have noticed the key features of a book and sharing ideas about our own stories. We are now writing our own stories and becoming authors.

We have been exploring paints and colour mixing and have created some amazing self portraits. Click on the link below to view our self portrait gallery: