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YR5 Magpie Class News @FP

This week, Year 5 have been reading ‘Noah Barleywater runs away’ which is an adventure fairytale story about a boy called Noah who takes an untrodden path through a forest which leads him on a very unusual journey. We have been using our inference skills this week to be detectives and use clues to help us to figure out what will happen next.

We have enjoyed reading and writing poetry over the past two weeks. The children loved exploring how layout can affect a poems rhythm and meaning.

In maths, we are learning how to add and subtract 4-digit numbers. We have been using both mental and written strategies such as the column method.

In science, we are looking at all living things. This week we focused on life cycle of different animals.

In art, we have been focusing on using lines to represent things seen, imagined and remembered. We have been drawing and developing artists techniques.

Macaw class have begun their swimming lessons and have enjoyed building their confidence and skills. Some of the children have even taken a deep dive!