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Nightingale Class News @FP

In Nightingale class @FP, we have had a fantastic week back. We have started weekly cooking sessions and began with making pizzas! We rolled the dough into the shapes we wanted and selected our favourite sauces and toppings. We then ate them at school. They were delicious!

We have been working on our listening and attention skills every day. We are very good at differentiating between different sounds. We have played lots of games this week to support us with these skills such as ‘Whats in the box?’, ‘Kim’s Game’ and ‘Guess the instrument’.

We have been learning to count in 2’s this week. We ordered numbers from our 2x table and counted objects in pairs.

We love spending time in our outdoor space and have been planting and watering our plants this week. We have lavender, strawberries and lots of new shrubs that we are looking after.