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Year 4

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Learning in Year 4

This term Year 4 have really enjoyed some hands on maths, such as measuring each other when learning how to convert millimetres, centimetres and metres and using measuring jugs and water to learn about capacity and conversion.

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We have particularly enjoyed taking our learning outside, which we have done in maths, science and English. One of the highlights was the tree investigation which started off our persuasive text module about deforestation. We counted and logged trees while completing a fact finding treasure hunt.

Working with a younger year group was another highlight. For science week, we took on the grown up role and helped support some Year 1 children with some chemistry! We looked at solids, liquids and gases, or as we in Year 4 like to call 'states of matter', and investigated what happens to the state of matter when different substances are mixed.

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Learning about the water cycle was really enhanced by us creating our own using ice, hot water and cling film. The water heated and turned to steam, cooling when it rose and so creating precipitation.

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Superhero day was a highlight and we produced some of our best English work based on all the fun we had with that. We even made comic strips about our made up superhero!

We all love Computing especially Scratch so programming our own maths games was particularly fun and we took part in the 'Day of Coding' where we tried various activities.