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This week, the Forster Park choir performed at the Broadway Theatre in Catford. The children performed a rendition of 'A Million Dreams' from the movie The Greatest Showman.


Jayanna explained to the audience why we had chosen our song.


'Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
You are all looking absolutely gorgeous tonight. My name is Jayanna and I am going to tell you why we, Forster Park, have chosen the song ‘A Million Dreams’.
The song ‘A Million Dreams’ links to our school value this term: Ambition. Ambition means believing in yourself no matter what your opinion, and striving to be the best you can be. No one has the right to say that you are wrong or that you can’t achieve.
So this song is saying ‘they can call us crazy’ but we won’t take it to heart because we believe in the better world that we can create. Even if it is by drawing or dreaming or writing.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the show but don’t get too comfortable – the show is only just beginning.​​'


​The audience were blown away by how professional our children were on stage and other schools commented on how fantastic their performance was. Once again, our children's behaviour was impeccable: they were real ambassadors for Forster Park. ​